About The Back Bubble



This product genuinely delivers back pain relief in seconds, and has an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau! We don’t expect you to take our word for it—watch the videos. Watch how easy The Back Bubble is to use, how quickly it works, and what our customers have to say about The Back Bubble.


Many people use inversion therapy at home and hang by their ankles for back pain relief. Comfort is often times sacrificed in trying to harness the body and use gravity to decompress the spine.


That’s why we designed The Back Bubble with your comfort in mind. We believe the more comfortable and relaxed you are, the faster your pain will go away and the longer lasting the pain relief will be.


The combination of an adjustable inflatable body harness with a cushiony buoyancy spring gives you a feeling of floating in air-cushioned weightlessness. You can also hang upright or inverted and easily adjust your back with The Back Bubble. The super comfortable Back Bubble will immediately eliminate the pressure in your back resulting in fast back pain relief.


Using The Back Bubble is super easy.
1. Inflate The Back Bubble by blowing into the valve tip.

2. Suspend The Back Bubble from the chin up bar in the package or from the new EZ Hanger if you order the Deluxe Model. (The Back Bubble can also be suspended by a heavy duty hook in a beam or chain or rope.)

3. Follow our simple step-by-step pictures that show you how to use The Back Bubble and feel your back pain vanish in seconds!*


*We are serious about helping you. Our job is to show you how to relieve your back pain fast. Spend just a few seconds on The Back Bubble and you’ll not only be pain-free, you’ll own one for life!


The Designer

Over 30 yeas ago, Ronald Chases designed The Back Bubble® back pain relief device to relieve his own back pain. He found that leaning on counter tops and hanging by his hands gave him some back traction and took some of the pressure out of his back. After many prototypes, he designed the first Back Bubble. Today he has satisfied customers all over the world, which include Therapists, Doctors, Professional Athletes, and Movie Stars.