Witness the Medically Proven Back Bubble in Action

  • Multipositional

    The Back Bubble is the only multipositional stretching device.

  • Stretch in all directions

    The Back Bubble is the only device that allows the user to stretch in all directions that the spine naturally moves.

  • Physician Endorsed

    Physician Approved – Medically Approved

Perfect For Disc Problems | Sciatica | Muscular Pain | Arthritis | Other Chronic Back Conditions

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Back Pain Relief with Astonishing Results!


Stretch In All Directions That Your Spine Naturally
Moves With The Back Bubble







You know how you lean on things to take the pressure off your lower back? You know how you feel like you want to hang from something and have your back stretched?


The Back Bubble Spinal Decompression Device suspends you by an Inflatable Body Harness that’s air-adjustable for comfort. This Inflatable Harness combined with a Cushiony Buoyancy Spring allows you to stretch your back right where you want to stretch it, with amazing comfort.


Being suspended by The Back Bubble Spinal Decompression Device gives you a feeling of floating in air-cushioned weightlessness. This results in zero pressure on your spine meaning Immediate Back Pain Relief! The Back Bubble also allows you to stretch and strengthen in all the natural directions that your spine needs to move.


Just look at the versatility of The Back Bubble Spinal Decompression Device:


1. The Upright Position – If you ever lean on things to take the pressure out of your lower back try this position. The back pain relief is Immediate!


2. The Inverted Position – You can position The Bubble to the exact spot in your back that you want to stretch then twist your hips to Adjust Your Back. Next raise the Bubble higher off the floor for more stretch. The back pain relief is Immediate!


3. The Extended Position – The Bubble can be positioned to stretch the exact spot that gives the most relief; from the lower back to mid back. Next, raise The Bubble higher off the floor for more stretch.


4. The Hands and Knees Position – For those with more severe pain. Simply move hands and knees through The Bubble until the strap is tight then lower yourself onto your forearms. The pain is gone!


Please understand that no other device offers this variety of positions with global stretching, pinpoint back pain relief, spinal self-adjustments and cushiony comfort.


Imagine being able to get back pain relief in seconds….for real! The Back Bubble has been providing Spinal Decompression at home and in medical clinics for 30 years.


The Back Bubble has earned an A+ Rating with The Better Business Bureau because this product will give you the back pain relief you are looking for or your money back!